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Expert Cardiologist and Director of Cardiology Department and Angiography.

Prof. Rosenshine is a graduate of the School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. After completing his internship in cardiology, which he graduated with honors, Professor Rosenshine specialized in catheterization at Columbia University, New York and did an internship in interventional cardiology at the University of Michigan, USA.Prof. Rosenstein was a senior physician at the catheterization department in Ichilov Hospital, Israel and served as the general secretary of the Israel Society of Interventional Cardiology.Currently Prof. Rosenshine serves as vice dean of the Technion Medical School as well as the head of the department of cardiology and angiography unit at Bnai Zion hospital, Haifa Israel.Prof. Rosenstein has completed more than 10,000 cardiac catheterizations, most of which were complex procedures, including catheterization during heart attacks and unstable angina. Further to this he, also performs angioplasty blood vessels of the kidney in the treatment of hypertension and other blood vessels.

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When Planning your visit

Send us your query with specific information through email or options available on our Contact Page.  Note that all your information will be kept confidential.

Our office then identifies the appropriate hospital and doctor based on the information provided. Before travel, we recommend you discuss this with your Doctors so they are aware of your decision).

We get in touch with the hospital and doctor who then assist to determine if you need the specific procedure and if so, the need to  travel abroad for it.

Our office completes the arrangements with the hospital, doctor and the treatment chosen. We plan for the appropriate travel arrangements which may suit your procedure.

We recommend a suitable accommodation for your stay.

The next step is to confirm details and make advance payment.

We assist you at the Airport for your departure to your destination of choice.

Upon arrival at the destination, our partners will be at the Airport to pick you to your hotel and arrange for you hospital check-in.

In case of extra days for sightseeing, there will be an extra itinerary to that effect.

Before you check out from your hotel, our Partners will give you a word of encouragement. Our Partners will pick you from the hotel to the Airport for your departure to your country of origin.

Upon arrival at the Airport, we will be there to welcome you.

In case it is required by your doctor, you will visit to confirm the procedure to him/her. if possible, you may wish to communicate alongside with the doctor who handled your ssue.