About us


Royal Meditours is a medical tourism agency designed to serve Ghanaians as the ultimate resource and guide to those who seek to combine holidays with affordable healthcare & Medicare without compromising on quality.

Royal Meditours, as a tradition, connects with hospitals and medical specialists with a strong reputation for excellence, to provide holidaymakers/patients with the best possible care. Royal Meditours was founded following extensive research in relation to the interest of Ghanaians on the obvious need for combining a holiday with medical procedures delivered at the level of expertise.

We serve as the meeting place for holiday makers who are also patients of one side and professionals from the field of healthcare on the other side (like doctors, hospitals, insurers, pharmacy companies, medical equipment companies, etc).


I take this opportunity to welcome our Royal Clients to the offices of Royal Meditours, the home of health and vitality. A very good friend of mine, Mr. Danny Dassa once told me that, there is no wealth like health; and as such anyone who is eager to assist in one’s health is like one offering first-fruits in the Temple of God. It is in this vane that I took the burden to establish a centre which can link millions of patients to thousands of professionals who are always standing by to help someone special like you. May your journey to relax and to tour another country whilst seeking Medical care be peaceful and healthy. Long Live the Royal King and long live the Royal Queen!!!!


President / Founder

Our profestional doctor

Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to healthcare services